Starting as a scrappy trio formed of a reluctant vocalist/bassist, and a guitarist and drummer who decided to learn each other's instruments for a laugh, Dartz! gave us their fine, energetic début, This Is My Ship, in 2007. Their first release on Xtra Mile, it's full of morse-code guitars, petulant rhythms, and infinite choruses, they set the standard for guitar pop in the mid-2000s. Their literary influences infused their final release, the mini-album The Sad History of the Village of Alnerique, which saw them move into more complex musical territory. A frantic live experience with soaring terrace chants, Dartz! should be fondly remembered for the amount they achieved with so little and in such sort a time. Singer, bassist and songwriter William Anderson has moved on with new Xtra Mile signings Algiers, taking what made Dartz! great and developing it ever onwards.
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