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Forming from the ashes of Oxford's The Unbelievable Truth and Dustball, Dive Dive formed in 2001 and quickly began creating fiery pop with hooks that drive deep and linger forever. After several demos and seven inches, they released two albums - Tilting at Windmills (2005) and The Revenge of the Mechanical Dog (2007) – and toured the country constantly until three of them joined Frank Turner as his backing band, The Sleeping Souls. In early 2011, they released third album Potential on Xtra Mile – who also re-released their first two albums digitally to the delight of fans. They also supported Frank, as well as playing with him in the headline slot. With this they reminded everyone that they still have copious amounts to give both on record and in a live setting. Here's hoping the day job doesn't keep them away from this for too long.
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Dive Dive
Dive Dive
The Revenge Of The ...
Dive Dive
Tilting At Windmills
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