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Once the frontman of influential Sacramento group Far, a band that inspired the creation of ambient metal titans, Deftones, Jonah Matranga has been touring his own material since 1994. Under various guises – from the lo-fi acoustic sad of onelinedrawing to the brash emo-rock of New End Original – Jonah has almost been omnipresent in gig venues around the world. Like a lot of our artists, Jonah got his first taste of the label when encountering Frank Turner. They toured together in 2006 and released a split EP. With a huge back catalogue to draw from, including his first Xtra Mile release, 2007's And, Jonah's gigs are like family get-togethers - hugs aplenty, singalongs guaranteed, and many entertaining evenings ahead. In this spirit, the You're All Those Things And Then You're None project - released in 2011 - was a collaboration with 50 fans worldwide who contributed to new versions of Jonah's original demos for the record. This idea was spawed from the previous Voices + Dedication covers album, made with the help of 100s of fans. Mature lyricism on subjects that resonate with everyone, and his dedication to his fans and friends, has meant Jonah's songs will be remembered long after he's back on the plane to another basement venue in an entirely different city. 
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