With beginnings rooted in a Nirvana cover band, this formidable trio from Aldershot soon became one of the UK's foremost heavy and frenetic groups. Led by the charismatic Jamie Lenman, their three albums spanned a kind of fractured pop-punk, thrash-y hardcore, and even post-rock, while their awe-inspiring live shows boasted their eccentric sense of humour and some of the tightest playing ever to grace a stage. Touring with everyone from Xtra Mile labelmates Million Dead to US punk-rockers Billy Talent, Reuben proved themselves nightly. They released two of their three thundering albums on Xtra Mile – the critically-adored Racecar Is Racecar Backwards and Very Fast, Very Dangerous - before going it alone in 2007. Entering an indefinite hiatus in 2008, Reuben remain potent, poignant, and more popular than their limited success would suggest. Drummer Guy Davis can be found in rockers Freeze the Atlantic. Singer, guitarist, and band overlord Jamie Lenman released his first solo record in 2013 - Muscle Memory - a typically ambitious double album, where a jazz swing side collides with brutally heavy riffs on the other. Reuben were apparently only phase one of a bigger plan...
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