When you have 'former drummer of Paramore' on your musical CV, people will naturally take notice. But HalfNoise bares no resemblance to Zac Farro's ex-day job. Shimmering with electronics and samples, rippled with drum rolls and hi-hats, sprinkled with brass, and led with clean guitars and cloud-like vocals, the music is a daring, offbeat style. Most akin to The Postal Service or Death Cab For Cutie, the 2012 self-titled EP is almost elegiac or haunting. With Zac also playing in Novel American, HalfNoise allows him an outlet for his odder and more melodic tendencies when not having to pound the skins. With a musical mind as adept and flexible as this one, hiding him behind a drum kit in one of the biggest bands in the world could have been considered a waste.

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