Seven albums in, Tennessee five-piece Glossary have been huddled up to their home country for far too long in our opinion. That's why Xtra Mile decided to release their seventh album, Long Live All Of Us, in April 2013 marking the first proper release of theirs into the wider world. Featuring Todd Beene of the excellent Lucero, this country and R & B-tinged group bring you a taste of their home state, its vast musical history and some of its hospitality too. Recorded in a house, it feels like their songs have been warmed by the fireplace. Though, adding to any notion of authenticity, the house-cum-studio was located between a church and a closed meth lab. Generally, Glossary's upbeat and indelibly melodic songs can cause everything from gentle swaying to dosey-does without kicking up the clichéd dust of such down-home sounds. We expect the rest of the world to respond in kind.

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