Larry And His Flask

The last time a rock band so convincingly wielded a double bass, they were Australian and they're all crazy anyway. Larry and His Flask abandoned the original boring plan to throw together a ramshackle punk band and instead chucked all their energy into Americana folk with banjos, mandolins and yelling. The results aren't just in some of the finer live performances you'll see, but also some exhilarating records. 'All That We Know' followed second album's UK digital release 'By the Lamplight' a mere 6 months after, while their lively single 'The Battle For Clear Sight' joins our very own Beans On Toast for another high-quality 10th Anniversary Singles Session 7”. With giant stringed instruments being spun, standing drummers, a convincing group roar sprinkled with harmonies, and banjos played at kilometres per second, there aren't going to be any better pleasant surprises in your life.

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Larry And His Flask
All That We Know
Larry And His Flask
By The Lamplight
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