Since the fire...
Since the fire...
Since the fire at the Sony warehouse (our distributor’s warehouse) in 8th August 2011 & with all of your help, we now have most of our CD stock back, on our webstore and available to buy from all good retailers.

It’s very fair to say, because of everyone’s support we actually managed to keep Xtra Mile Recordings going when at several points in the months after, it seriously looked like all was lost and Xtra Mile would have had to close.  Again here’s a big THANK YOU to everyone who bought downloads of our releases, took part in our Pledge Music campaign, and bought the last few CDs which we had in our office.

Old releases which are available to buy include:
Repressing & re-releases include:
Frank Turner – ‘Love Ire & Song’ CD
Frank Turner – ‘Poetry Of The Deed’ CD
Frank Turner – ‘Take to the Road’ DVD
Beans On Toast – ‘Writing on the Wall’ CD
Crazy Arm – ‘Born to Ruin’ CD
Ben Marwood – ‘Outside There's A Curse’ CD
Reuben – ‘We should’ve Gone To University’ CD & DVD
Chris T-T – ‘Love Is Not Rescue’ CD
Sophie Madeleine – ‘The Rhythm You Started’ CD
StringerBessant – ‘Yard’ CD
Dive Dive – ‘Potential’ CD
Far – ‘At Night We Live’ CD
Jonah Matranga – ‘And’ CD
Jaakko & Jay – ‘War Is Nois’e CD
Joshua English – ‘Trouble None’ CD

Special editions made after the fire via our Pledge ‘F**k the Fire’ campaign include:
The Xcerts – In the cold wind we smile 12”
Frank Turner – Sleep Is for the week 12”
Frank Turner/Xtra Mile Recordings ‘F**k the Fire’ t-shirts
The Xcerts – ‘Scatterbrain’ CD with bonus tracks.

Only available from our webstore:
Mull Historical Society – 'The Lyrics Of Colin MacIntyre aka Mull Historical Society 2000-2012’.
Million Dead - singles collection
Frank Turner – Album cover square badges
Frank Tuner - Wembley Arena merchandise
Frank Turner & Matt Nasir’s book - Photosynthesis: A Year In The Life Of The Frank Turner Touring Family.

With your contributions from last year we have been able to carry on with our planned releases.
Dave Hause – ‘Resolutions’ CD
I AM the Avalanche – ‘Avalanche United’ CD
Against Me! ‘White Crosses’ – double CD and triple vinyl.
Beans On Toast – ‘Trying To Tell the Truth’ CD
Crazy Arm – ‘Union City Breath’ CD
Fighting Fiction – ‘Fighting Fiction’ CD
The Riverboat Gamblers – ‘The Wolf You Feed’ CD
Future Of The Left – ‘Plot Against Common Sense’ CD & 12”
Jim Lockey & The Solemn Sun – ‘Death’ CD
Look Mexico – ‘Real Americans Spear It’ EP
Mull Historical Society – ‘City Of Lights’ CD
Straight Lines – ‘Freaks Like Us’ CD
Franz Nicolay – ‘Do The Struggle’ CD – released 6th August
Emily Barker & The Red Clay Halo – ‘Fields Of June’ 7” vinyl
Fighting With Wire – ‘Colonel Blood’ CD – released 25th September
The Retrospective Soundtrack Players – ‘The Catcher In The Rye’ out 15th October.

So thanks for a busy year!

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