Clap Your Hands Say Yeah
Genre: Alt Rock
Carving our their initial success via the internet rather than the traditional label method, Clap Your Hands Say Yeah set the new standard back in 2004. Following their widely-lauded first album, the band released two more together, and singer/guitarist Alec Ounsworth released his solo album Mo Beauty during the band's hiatus. Only Run is the band's synth-laden return to former glory, released in 2014 via Xtra Mile Recordings, with Alec and producer Matt Wong being the only remaining members of the band. Lead single 'Coming Down' also features vocals by The National's Matt Berninger. Alec spent parts of 2014 doing solo living room shows for fans in the UK, a successful and intimate venture that's repeated in other parts of the world. He also did a fleeting tour of the UK, Europe and parts of the US. As ever, CYHSY are doing things on their own terms, and the fans are at the centre of it all. 


Clap Your Hands Say Yeah
Only Run